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Been doing a lot more projects involving automation. Sadly I™m not able to share them because of privacy and proprietary security. They have involved numerous inspection machines and error proofing machines.

Error proofing is becoming a big thing in production parts going to a large assembly line.  We design and build machines that check assemblies for missing parts like if an o-ring is present or not. This keeps the operator from putting an incomplete part in the box.

On the inspection side the machines we build are capable of checking for small defects in tiny parts. We have built machines that can inspect 200,000 parts a day.

Here we respect your privacy and protect your intellectual property. We also supply you with a complete set of manufacturing drawings, not a sample like most companies do


We have widened our scope to include machine building. We can offer mechanical design and machining in house and work with your vision and electrical people or offer a turn key solution with out top team of professionals.

Equipment upgrade for the shop!

We purchased a new Bridgeport Mill w/Acurite CNC controller.

This adds to our in house capabilities, we can now handle contour milling easily.

07' Bridgeport

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